Supporting people with disabilities to make their own choices, take risks and have control over their supports and services.

Our Philosophy

Creating an inclusive future
20% of Canadians have a psychological disability.

This highlights the fact that not all disabilities are visible. As well, a large number of people can go through their daily lives without those around them noticing they have a disability.

Since the start, we have focused on promoting an inclusive community for everyone, and we do this through a number of methods including providing equal access to quality services and supports to empower and enable those with disabilities.

“Independent Living is not measured by the quality of tasks we can perform without supports, but by the quality of life we have with supports.”

- Gerben DeJong

Our Vision

The ILRC vision for Newfoundland Labrador is an inclusive community for all; a society that embraces diversity and the rights of all individuals to choice, self-determination, and independent living.

Our Mandate

The mandate of the ILRC is to help ensure individuals with all types of disabilities, and from all socio-economic backgrounds, have equal access to quality services and supports that empowers and enables them to:

  • Live and work independently, and to their full potential, within their homes, families, and communities; and
  • Make informed choices for themselves in all aspects of their daily lives.

ILRC core values include:

  • Individuals’ right to choice and self-determination;
  • Consumer control; and
  • Full inclusion for persons with disabilities.

These core values are reflected in all aspects of our operations, from governance structure to the services and supports provided to consumers. This means that we strive to ensure that the services and supports offered are:

  • Defined and controlled by consumers;
  • Providing equitable access to all individuals, regardless of their disability (cross disability), race, religion, gender, age, or sexual orientation and;
  • Are responsive to changing community needs and opportunities.
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7:00PM - Midnight
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Friday March 18, 2015
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