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Get the most out of volunteering
70% of businesses are not hiring people with disabilities.

A BMO survey conducted by Pollara found that the majority of small businesses are missing out by not hiring those with disabilities.

Along with your interest in volunteering, understanding what we can offer, what you may get out of the experience, and many other things will help to ensure that your volunteer experience is beneficial for everyone.

How do I apply to be a volunteer?

If you know which area you wish to volunteer in and you do not require support with identifying your goals, you may fill out the application and return it to the Volunteer Coordinator who will then get in touch with you to discuss the current volunteer options available.

If you are uncertain about your goals or which placements might work best for you, you can meet with the Volunteer Coordinator who will work with you to identify suitable placements and goals that fit your needs.

If you need support filling out any forms, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator.

Will I require a Criminal Record Check?

Most locations will require a Criminal Record Check prior to accepting volunteers. They may also require a vulnerable sector check, depending on the population they serve. For example, Criminal Record and Vulnerable Sector Checks are necessary to volunteer at the ILRC.

There is no fee to obtain these, if they are submitted by an organization for volunteering. You may submit it with your volunteer application or fill it out when you meet with the Volunteer Coordinator.

Please Note: The ILRC does not discriminate based on whether or not a person has a criminal record. Persons with a history of criminal activity will be placed based on the details of the report.

Are there other screening processes besides the Criminal Record Check?

Many organizations will require more screening, such as resumes, references, and interviews. While this can be intimidating, it’s often a smooth and practiced process, and the ILRC is willing to support you if you run into any barriers.

How old do I have to be?

There is no maximum or minimum age requirement for volunteering with the ILRC. Though, we may request that our younger volunteers be accompanied by an adult family member or friend; we cannot promise direct supervision. Age requirements for other organizations will vary.

Can I volunteer at the ILRC? If so, what can I do?

Your role at the ILRC would depend on the work you want to do, the skills you have, and the skills you want to build. While we try our best to find our volunteers the perfect fit, we often have to work around multiple schedules, limited capacity, and the popularity of certain volunteer roles. This is often true for many organizations. But, if we cannot meet your needs at the ILRC, we would be happy to help you find volunteer work elsewhere.

Where else can I volunteer?

The real question is: where do you want to volunteer? Most community, and some private, organizations provide opportunities for people to volunteer. And even those who don’t, may be open to trying something new. An effective way to find a volunteer location is to think about the kind of work you want to do, and the skills you want to build, and find a place that would allow you to do it. The Volunteer Coordinator can support you through this process.

I think my family member (child, parent, sibling, etc.) with a disability would benefit from volunteering. What can you do for them?

While it is great that you care enough to seek us out, we will need to speak to your family member directly. As we operate under an independent living philosophy, it is important to us that our consumers make their own informed decisions. As such, we will need to hear from your family member that they are interested in volunteering, what experience they have, and what they are looking for.

If your main goal is finding a way for your family member to socialize and share experiences with others with disabilities, consider having the person check out our Peer Support.

My free time is limited and I can only volunteer during very specific times. Is this okay?

Yes. A flexible schedule would provide us with more options regarding the kind of work you can do. However, regardless of when you are available, we can help you seek out volunteer work that meets your needs. For example, if you can only volunteer on weekends, we can connect you with an organization that is open during those hours.

I have barriers to volunteering (transportation, accessibility, disability-related needs, etc.). Can you still help me?

Yes, we can, depending on the need. That’s our specialty! At the ILRC we love to help people break down barriers. If you have any obstacles to volunteering, let us know and we will do all we can to help you find a way around them.

Unfortunately, the ILRC does not have the capacity to provide personal supports that would normally be carried out by a support worker or family member. Examples of these include toilet-related supports, support with eating meals, etc. If you use supports in other areas of your life, you will most likely need to bring those supports to your volunteer placement as well.

What sort of training will I receive?

Every volunteer with the ILRC receives our general volunteer orientation to the centre. This covers out history, what we do, our expectations, and various other important pieces of information. From there, training will depend on the type of volunteer work you will be doing. Training within other organizations will vary.

Will volunteering help me get a job at the Independent Living Resource Centre?

Having volunteer work to add to your resume is a good thing, and improves your chances of gaining employment everywhere. Whether or not that is at the ILRC will depend on if we are looking for employees, the skills we’re looking for, and whether your volunteer work was relevant to the job opening. However, having familiarity with the centre and the people there will help!120

How can I contact the Volunteer Coordinator?

The Volunteer Coordinator can be reached in the following ways:

Amanda Lush
Volunteer Services Coordinator
Phone: (709) 722-4031
Fax: (709) 722-0147
TTY: (709) 722-7998
Toll Free: 1-866-722-4031

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