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14% of Canadians have a disability.

According to Stats Canada, a large percentage of the population identifies as having a disability.

In order to develop programs and services that benefit the whole community, we invest in research that acknowledges and respects people who have disabilities as experts. Through partnering with other organizations on a number of projects, we are able to develop what we offer based on sound research, which leads to better results for everyone.

Research Projects currently being supported by the ILRC include:


InFocus: Bringing People With Disabilities Into the Picture

The DisAbled Women’s Network Canada(DAWN) and the Canadian Association for Community Living (CACL) are jointly implementing a pan-Canadian project that uses a local level community development approach in addressing two priority issues of concern for people with disabilities and Deaf people –health and wellness and violence and abuse. This project is called: InFocus: Bringing People with Disabilities into the Picture. The plan is to implement the project in one community in each of the 13 provinces and territories. In each community, people with disabilities and Deaf people will be brought together with the local justice, health, and social services sectors to establish a coordinated community response to both the issue of health promotion and abuse against men, women, and older people with disabilities and Deaf people.

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Centre for Research on Work Disability Policy

The Centre for Research on Work Disability Policy (CRWDP) is a transdisciplinary initiative on the future of work disability policy in Canada. Illness and disability touch most people at some point over their lifetime. Our objective is to identify how people, when disabled, can be better retained and integrated into the Canadian labour market. By “work disability policy”, CRWDP means policy related to any federal or provincial or territorial program in Canadian that shapes income security and labour-market engagement for work-disabled individuals. They also include employers in the disability policy system as they play an important role in shaping opportunities for work-disabled individuals and have specific obligations under some programs and legislations.

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Sus-IT:  Memorial University

The Sus-IT research project is:

  • understanding the challenges faced by older people using computers;
  • identifying ways to help older people to be confident and competent users of computers and other digital products; and
  • exploring how older people can be helped to keep using computers and other digital products if their capabilities and circumstances change.

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For more information about Research & Development at the ILRC, please contact the Executive Director.

Wayne Penney
Executive Director
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