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20% of Canadians have a psychological disability.

This highlights the fact that not all disabilities are visible. As well, a large number of people can go through their daily lives without those around them noticing they have a disability.

Simply adapting a few changes to your actions and attitudes towards those with disabilities can lead to great change, which is crucial to not only improving the lives of every person with a disability, but also everyone else.

Promoting awareness about the barriers faced by persons with disabilities can go a long way in increasing their inclusion in the community. By educating others about how people with disabilities live and the physical, attitudinal, and systemic barriers they face, we can work to remove those barriers. Through changing our language, we are removing the associations of helplessness and victimization that have been associated with people with disabilities in the past. With the adoption of proper etiquette and treating persons with disabilities as independent individuals, we become more aware of the barriers that make their independence difficult. By asking questions, we discover the wants, needs, and desires that people with disabilities have and how they can be met.  In the end, simply becoming more aware improves the level of inclusion experienced by persons with disabilities, which enriches the lives of everyone.

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